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The bank card of monabanq at 2 € / month:

Like every online bank, Monabanq offers credit cards to its customers. The monabanq bank card is available in a classic visa version or a first visa .

First of all, you should know that Monabanq cards are exactly like standard bank cards because the visa organization offers the package of your card. There is no mastercard at monabanq, only visa.

This card is not free, but costs 2 euros per month and gives access to a real current bank account and many services.

Visa card monabanq visa classic:


The classic visa card of monabanq is the basic card for a price of 2 € monthly .

With this bank card you will be able to pay for your purchases, and your shopping, in any country and on the internet as well.

Withdrawals are also possible , and especially compared to other banks, withdrawals of money are free and at no charge in the distributors of the entire euro area .

There is also a service called turbo withdrawal that allows you to temporarily increase your cap to withdraw large amounts of money.

You can also choose the debit method on your account, offline or immediate debit. Immediate debit is mandatory for minors.

Finally you can also choose the color of your future monabanq bank card;

The monabanq bank card visa first:

Visa card first monabanq visa


Here is the big sister of the visa card, the first visa card. This card is only available for the option to 6 euros per month, with a proof of income of 750 euros per month, but in no case these revenues should be domiciled on Monabanq, it’s up to you.

This card has the same advantages as the classic visa;

It also has unlimited withdrawals and free ATMs in the euro area.

What the first monabanq visa card has in addition:

Mainly insurance and support services.

Assistance services: cancellation or modification of travel, mountain and snow also.

Insurance: Airplane delay, loss and / or delay of luggage, having a rental vehicle, civil liability abroad

To see all the insurance offered by your first visa card you can go directly to the visa site:

Conclusion on the monabanq bank card:

the monabanq visa card is an excellent card. She has many insurance and free services;

Here are the free services that have us a lot more!

Cash withdrawals ATM (ATM machine)

Withdrawals of money at the counter of other banks

ATM withdrawals in euro zone

Free Monabanq Card Opposition Fee

To see all offers of free credit cards online.

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