Rocky Mountains Vacation
Rocky Mountains Vacation
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Tour Packages - Rocky Mountaineer™

Canadian Rockies Adventures
Adventure in the Canadian Rockies! This journey brings you to the stunning mountain towns of Banff and Lake Louise, with a trip to the awe-inspiring Columbia Icefields and a breathtaking helicopter tour through the soaring peaks of the Rockies. This perfect getaway begins and ends with an overnight stay in the main cities of Banff or Calgary, Alberta and Vancouver, BC. (East and West bound routes). Starting from $3,249 CAD.

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2 Day Rail Tours
Spend two incredible days on a journey traveling through the Canadian Rocky Mountains within the comfort of the Rocky Mountaineer. Take enjoyment in all of the sights of flourishing fields, gorgeous waterfalls, the towering Rocky Mountain peaks, and the rushing Thompson River.

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First Passage to the West
Travel through Canada's stunning Rocky Mountains, alongside the powerful Kicking Horse River, and pass by monumental landmarks from the early days of the National Railway. This legendary route along the Canadian Pacific tracks is famous for uniting the country and connecting British Columbia to Canada over 125 years ago. Starting from $2,549 CAD

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Journey Through the Clouds
Witness the unparalleled beauty of some of the highest peaks in the Canadian Rockies and prepare to do some serious neck-swivelling to peek at the eagles soaring through treetops. This route takes you through some of Canada's more remote and stunning vistas. Starting from $2,749 CAD

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Rainforest to Gold Rush Tour
Carve through extreme landscapes including the largest temperate rainforest in the world and the rugged desertification of the Fraser Canyon. Melt back into your seat, or grab the rail and drink in some of the fresh air os the Cariboo Gold Rush Region's pastoral ranchlands. Spend the night in Whistler, Quesnel and the quaint town of Jasper. Starting from $3,799

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