What to Finance : Investments


What to finance : investments


What to finance : investments


The purchase of new machines, the development of a project, an assumption: all the reasons why it is necessary to obtain credit. That’s why businesses are worth it

New investments, the development of a project or a branch of the company but also the purchase of a machine to approach the 4.0, the restructuring of the production premises, or an initiative to attract new talent or strengthen the presence on the market with a targeted marketing campaign. These are some of the growth objectives that an entrepreneur can achieve by investing new capital, so almost always funding is needed. Basically there are two reasons why you can apply for and obtain financing: investments and liquidity .

In this post we address the first theme, that of investments, explaining why to face them and especially how to finance them.

This is an important hub for companies of all sizes and sectors, especially for Italian SMEs, whose fabric is made up of 90% of micro businesses that need to grow and keep pace with the technological revolutions under way. . There is talk everywhere and for reasons of Industry 4.0: that is, basically, a new way of producing based on automation and interconnection of the machines. No one is excluded from this which is undoubtedly an unprecedented revolution: that produce iron rods, drugs or beer, everyone must face and support change. To not succumb.

Investing, even in fields other than 4.0, is the only way to grow and keep up with the times, keeping your market share alive. Think, for example, of a restaurant that does not renew its structure in a cyclical way (from dehor to kitchen equipment, to staff and marketing): how long will it take for competitors to steal their customers? Planning investments means first of all thinking of the future.

What is the situation of our SMEs in terms of investments?

What is the situation of our SMEs in terms of investments?


What is the situation of our SMEs in terms of investments? According to the 2017 Cerved Report , the recovery , albeit slow, has begun. This is demonstrated by the fact that the number of small and medium-sized enterprises is increasing by 2.7% in 2016 with the birth of 90 thousand joint-stock companies and an acceleration in the number of micro businesses (+ 9.7%) that have made the dimensional leap. Between 2007 and 2014, the decline was 10%. And for 2018-2019, the trend is bound to strengthen: because ” SMEs have in fact increased investment from 6.2% to 7.8% compared to tangible fixed assets, with positive trends in all sizes and in all sectors considered. “.

Moreover, according to the Innovation report as a growth lever: the point of view of the young entrepreneurs of the think tank Digital Transformation Institute , the companies most likely to invest are those with a number of employees between 50 and 250 (45.5% have invested between 5 thousand and 50 thousand euros and 8.1% higher), but 39% spent less than 5 thousand euros and 28% nothing. 87% of the investing SMEs did it in infrastructure.

The fruits of these investments are evident, as the Digital Transformation Institute still observes: 62% of the companies that have focused on digital have seen an increase in revenues between 10% and 40%.

The hardest part of the crisis seems to be behind us and confidence in the future of entrepreneurs is beginning to pick up a positive trend. Above all, the numbers show how much it is important for SMEs to finance themselves for growth, and today there are many opportunities on the market that did not exist until 3 years ago . Concrete alternatives to traditional channels, often more suited to the needs of small companies, such as BorsadelCredito.it, which is one of the main ways to finance investments. On the marketplace of BorsadelCredito.it the loans are applicable to many areas and do not suffer from the limitations of other instruments such as leasing or rental, nor lengthy or dead times. The entrepreneur with an interesting history and project of growth will have an answer in 24 hours and the possibility of having available the money requested on his bank account in a few days (from 3 to 15 days) to immediately put to good use their projects of development.


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